Corporate Partnerships


We are living in dystopia, in a world that is dominated by technology and disconnect, alienation, loneliness, and dysfunction”. Through sport, we believe we can recreate the human element of a thriving, well balanced and connected workforce. See the sports on offer

12 MONTH PACKAGE for your company
  • For $3000 (affordable right?) your team can be treated to an entire year of interactive, social, competitive, and fitness FUN. Over the course of 12 months you choose the leagues and locations (and sports) that suit you and your team. (Value = $4000 – that’s 1K savings, CFO!). 
  • One team is about 6-10 people and can be made up of any amount of people. Meaning anyone in your company can sub in and play at any week, any season, any time of year.  It’s the team working together in a FUN, SAFE, and completely chilled environment. 
  • Download the infomation Pack

INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE for your employee’s
  • If you would like to offer an individual package for your employee’s to pick and choose to play at their own will, we can create a custom discoutn code for your staff to access mixed, recreational sport. 
  • Using the provided code, individuals select a league and location near to their home or office and sign up on their own or with a colleague. 
  • We can provide annual reporting on how many employees are using and benefiting from the employee perk. 


people centric workplaces that have played with Urban Rec